Parts Explained

Most people rely on computers to perform essential functions, but the average person does not understand how they work and what differentiates one model from another, besides the brand name.

Computers look similar, but the components installed on them are quite different, based on their functional abilities. It is easy for anyone to memorise the parts of a computer, but it takes some effort to understand how each component functions. Understanding how each piece works, and its contribution to the overall computer functioning is vital. Which parts do you need to know? Read on!


The central processing unit, CPU, is one of the most essential parts of a computer. The CPU is “the brain” of the computer, whose function is to effect computer instructions, perform logical comparisons, manage the user’s commands, and store the operations in a memory.

Most computers today have more than one CPU to maximise their processing powers. Having a computer with an i7 CPU, for instance, translates to having a computer with better brains, which makes the equipment more productive and fast.

Display Unit

There is a reason why modern computers offer such beautiful visuals. The quality of your display unit or monitor matters a lot. As much as the quality of a monitor might not speed up your computer, with the right monitor you can watch 4k versions of your favourite movies or even play some video games. Graphics-processing units or graphics card, mostly found in gaming computers, are used to enhance the resolution of the monitor.


Each component on a computer is attached to the motherboard. The motherboard is what allows various parts of the computer to communicate with each other via the printed circuit board. This unit also contains special circuits installed on it which help the computer’s operating system work well with key hardware components. When it comes to power transmission, the motherboard plays a vital role. It ensures that each element receives the right amount of power.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is the primary storage unit in a computer. All documents, photos, and software setup files are stored on the hard drive. Hard drives are known to be non-volatile, which essentially means that they retain data stored even when the computer is not powered. Currently, the main types of hard drives used can be classified as Serial ATA (SATA) and Solid State Drives (SSD). Of the two, SSD is the latest in drive technology; they use flash memory technology.

Knowledge of some fundamental components of a computer is essential to becoming an informed consumer. Instead of believing everything a computer salesperson tells you when shopping for a computer, your knowledge of computer parts and their functions is essential to buying the right personal or business computer. If you need to enhance the performance of your old computer, this knowledge might help.