Gaming mice and keyboards

Gaming at an elite level requires a high-quality keyboard and mouse combo. A great mouse should have high responsiveness and an ideal keyboard should have excellent features. Any serious gamer should consider these two devices seriously.

Gaming Keyboard

A keyboard is not only a typing tool, but also a game controller, the same way a katana is to a samurai. It’s the interface between you and the digital world. You must thus understand how to select a great keyboard from the rest. A good gaming keyboard uses mechanical switches, such that each key has its own spring-loaded switch. The switches employ an MX mechanism identified by colour, for example MX Red, MX Blue, MX Brown, MX Black, etc.

Some features that are not important on a regular keyboard, like backlighting, are crucial when gaming. Their use goes beyond merely illuminating the keys in a dark room. Gaming keyboards have adjustable colours and a wide range of lighting zones. These illuminated backlight areas are the most frequently used control keys in gaming. Some keyboards offer you the chance to customise the colour of each key (per-key RGB personalisation).

Software is also an important consideration when choosing a gaming keyboard. A great keyboard has an application that helps you customise on-keyboard lighting, create game-specific profiles and assign shortcut key functions. Keyboards, such as Corsair, have a Corsair Utility Engine that helps you to personalise your board. Logitech keyboards, on the other hand, are compatible with G Hub, whose interface allows you to customise and synchronise lighting zones.

Games Mouse

Choosing the right mouse is imperative to your PC gaming. Important factors to consider include weight, shape and customisation controls. Key actions in gaming, such as targeting, hacking, slashing and attacking, happen at the click of the mouse. A great mouse should thus have reliable connectivity, scroll and crisp click functions, as well as smooth and responsive tracking.

An avid gamer always picks a mouse that offers him the ultimate comfort and accuracy. For instance, an extra button in the right place accelerates switching modes or weapons, saving you crucial time. A mouse with appropriate supporting software powers important shortcuts that might decide either your victory or defeat.

The type of sensors and resolution in a mouse is a matter of choice and usability. It may be necessary to try out both the optical and laser sensors and see their effectiveness. You can also rely on expert reviews and other online forums regarding the applicability of each mouse in different situations. However, it’s important that you select a mouse with a suitable range to enable you to do wide-sweep tracking and fine-graining. Whether you opt for wired or wireless, it’s important to understand its connectivity to the interface.