OEM PC Parts and Repairs

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What are OEM Parts?

For starters, OEM is the abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer, and these are parts sold to computer companies such as HP, Dell, ASUS, and the rest in bulk. OEM PC parts and components usually are cheaper than the retail versions and don’t come with branded packaging, manuals, cables, and so on.

In the past, OEM parts were synonymous only with the manufacturers, but thanks to online shopping, individuals can also buy OEM parts for a variety of purposes. If you are a techie or a DIY enthusiast, you will find tons of information and tips about OEM parts and components.

OEM PC Components

The biggest category of OEM products is the OEM PC components. These include individual components such as drives (HDD & SSD), processors, RAMs, graphics cards, motherboards, coolers, and so on. In the recent past, Bitcoin mining and the colossal gaming industry have exponentially increased the demand for powerful computers. Now, any PC guru will tell you that assembling a PC is the best idea, and that’s what has spurred the growth of OEM PC components industry. If you are looking forward to building a gaming rig to play on the newest games such as Wildz Casino or a Bitcoin mining machine, this will be an interesting section.

OEM PC Accessories

Now, once you have your gaming desktop, you will need several PC accessories. These include monitors, keyboards, mice, headphones and speakers, and so on. Just like OEM components, OEM PC accessories are also cheaper. If you look at the gaming monitors market, for example, a branded 144Hz monitor will cost almost 25% more than OEM displays. This is the same case for gaming mice and keyboards.

OEM Software

Just like components, there also exists several OEM software, and we have a section dedicated to all the information you will need regarding it. A good example is OEM Windows, which is cheaper than the retail version. We also have security OEM software, and these too are cheaper but lack support. Also, most OEM software has restrictions; for example, you can only install it legally, and on a single PC. But for the price, OEM software is still a good bargain.

OEM Tips and News

In this section, our experts and contributors have shared with you shopping tips and everything you need to know when buying OEM PC components, accessories, and software. You will also catch up with all the latest news around the OEM industry.

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